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Ronald A. Reis
Author of non-fiction books for kids ages 9-12

Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration for Kids,With 21 Activities

Christopher Columbus Book

The US Congress for Kids:
Over 200 Years of Lawmaking, Deal Breaking, and Compromising, With 21 Activities

Author Visits

Ron with students.

I am available to give presentations at schools, libraries, clubs, and other organizations (kids to seniors). All programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the audience and its organizers. 

My visits are free to those who are within 50 miles of Calabasas, California. I will supply all materials. If the distance is greater, we can decide on an honorarium that will simply cover my traveling expenses.

Contact me via email ( or by telephonel (818.222.8439).

Programs for Author Visits
My program, which lasts anywhere from one hour to three hours, is tailored to your needs, but generally here is what I do:

Christopher Columbus

After a few, short introductory remarks, we get right to it by doing one of the following activities:

  • Create a Coat of Arms
  • Conduct a Blanket (Silent) Trade
  • Make a Quadrant
  • Tie Nautical Knots
  • Make a Model Canoe
  • Make a Sundial

I then enter into a discussion regarding four Christopher Columbus myths worth debunking:

  • Columbus sailed to prove the world was round.
  • Queen Isabella pawned her jewels to finance Columbus’s voyage.
  • Columbus was the first European to “discover” America.
  • Columbus died a poor and forgotten man.

Finally, I give everyone a copy of the 1507 Waldseemüller Map, “America’s Birth Certificate,” and show why it is the most famous map in the world, with the Library of Congress paying $10,000,0000 for the only surviving copy.

The US Congress

After a few, short introductory remarks, we get right to it by doing one of the following activities:

  • Create Your Own “Congressional Money”
  • Make a Capital for the Capitol
  • Take an American Citizenship Test
  • Make a Capitol Dome
  • Design a Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Learn How to Register to Vote

I then enter into a discussion about the infamous “Three-Fifths Clause” that an early Congress passed. We talk about what it actually meant and why its true meaning is so misunderstood. Finally, we discuss the US Congress today, and how what we can all do as citizens to make the institution more responsive to our needs.

Author Visits Scheduled

  • Scott Investors Group—Late August
  • Calabasas Library—Early September
  • Piedmont Elementary School—Early October

I hope to hear from you soon.

Ron Reis